2 September, 2021

Unido 2.0 WEB Platform update on development and features

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We'd like to take this opportunity to give an update on the Unido 2.0 Web Platform development and some new features. This includes the introduction of the Unido EP desktop version and a new look for the interface.




After our last update, the development of the Unido 2.0 Web Platform is progressing very well. Our team at PAC Blockchain (developer of Unido EP) expects to have the first beta version up and running towards the end of September 2021. Deployment of the live version of Unido 2.0 is scheduled for Q4 '21.


Unido 2.0 Web Platform - Desktop Version



The newly added desktop version offers a very safe login process, showcasing Unido's commitment to anchoring security into the platform for all functions.



The login process for the Unido 2.0 Web Platform involves scanning a QR code with the mobile app. Users can verify their identity on their mobile devices before logging in to the portal. This procedure does not require any passwords for your desktop version.



Unido secure QR sign in



Once a transaction has been set up in the portal for approval, users will receive a special notification in their mobile wallet. This notification asks each member of the wallet if they wish to approve the transaction.



By using the mobile app for transaction verification, Unido protects each user's fragment of the private key for each wallet. This way, Unido delivers both security and governance – the key deliverables of the Unido ecosystem.



When using the desktop version, downloading, and using the mobile app is a requirement. There will be a flawless integration with complete consistency between the desktop- and the mobile version, for both iOS and Android devices, to facilitate the authentication process. When setting up the mobile app, a seed phrase will be issued, and it requires a user selected password.



Unido mobile password confirmation


During the development of the new architecture of the web interface, a lot of thought and effort went into keeping the UI lightweight and very easy to use. This is a key part of our development and includes a review of the wallet and group account views. The overall effectiveness of the interface has been improved by including tags and search filters.



Unido web wallet filters and grouping


Optimized Workflow



Our interface designers have made improvements to the workflow of the Unido 2.0 Web Platform. The Unido team revisited various workflows throughout the app to increase functionality and ease of use. This resulted in a more visually appealing UI and the environment for crypto management has been made easier to use. The flexibility of selecting the number of wallet members and signers for any crypto asset became even more effortless. Each organization can customize this set up accordingly.

The development of Unido 2.0 keeps moving forward and we are working hard to keep on track with our plans and goals. We are on schedule with our roadmap - watch this space for more updates from the development team coming soon.



Unido to the Moon !



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