What does a Cryptocurrency Investigation cover? 


  • Audit - accounting firms requiring an assessment of crypto transactions made, for account keeping, auditing and tax reporting purposes. 

  • Theft - individuals / law firms may need help tracing stolen or hidden funds.

  • Crime - suspected financial crimes, such as embezzlement, using cryptocurrency.

  • Compliance - financial institutions and merchants who accept cryptocurrency require external audits to ensure they are maintaining the compliance required under regulations.

  • Government agencies / police departments - crypto investigation assistance.

PAC is an experienced and certified crypto forensics and investigations agency providing services to individuals, for law firms, accountants and government departments to assist in auditing and investigating crypto transactions. 


Our Experience

PAC’s world class team has a track record of success, with a strong background in software engineering, blockchain technology and cyber security.

Cyber Secuity Consulting

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
Be Well Co - Tracking App


Development of a patented, multi-party wallet technology for secuirty of crypto transactions


Consultation for the development of a secure repository for corporate carbon data

ACCA Global
(Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
Appointed advisors - blockchain security / technology

The Crypto Investigation Process


During a cryptocurrency investigation, a certified cryptocurrency investigator traces funds by looking through transactions posted on the blockchain. From there, the investigator will work to discover what address contains the stolen funds.


Once the relevent addresses have been identified, the next step is to unmask the owner of the address. This may be achieved using a combination of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Know Your Customer (KYC) data which is collected on cryptcurrency exchanges. Once the assets and owner is identified, PAC issues a detailed report which may be used as the basis for recovery of funds.



Certification - Australian and International Standards


Our ISO accredited advisory team consults on all blockchain projects to ensure viability and security of audits. Accreditation includes:


ISO/IEC 17789

Information Technology – Cloud Computing – Reference Architecture

ISO/IEC 18384 series

Information Technology – Reference Architecture for Service Oriented Architecture

ISO/IEC 27000 series

Information Technology – Security Techniques

ISO 31000 series

Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines

AS ISO/IEC 38500

Information Technology – Governance of IT for the Organisation


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