Unido Business Wallet for Crypto Currency Assets

Transform corporate governance

Unido has recognized the need to modernize corporate transactional processes and shifting trends to digital asset management. Take asset transactions out of the board room and transform them into a uniquely mobile experience. With cutting edge, multi-factor security and unbridled flexibility, corporate assets have never been more secure or liquid.

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Competitive Comparison

The Unido EP is positioned as a market leading product, presenting as the most cost effective option available without sacrificing functionality or security.

Unido EP is a clear choice for all transactions, with additional benefits for larger transactions. The more you transact, the less you pay in processing fees.

In addition to offering the most competitive fees on the market, Unido EP also provides several other cost benefits including:

  • No minimum account values
  • No minimum transaction volumes
  • No set up fee
  • No ongoing fees

NB: Competitor rates are correct at time of publication (25 August 2020)

1 Based on the Coinbase Custody custody fee of 50 bps annualized, actual fee may differ

2 Based on the BitGo Pay As You Go plan using minimum fee of 0.25%

Unido EP streamlines transactions using blockchain

Unido EP is the first democratized solution to digital transactions. Every member in a group holds their own unique piece of a key required to approve an action. With Unido you can set a single signer, a majority, or even unanimity. Unido EP is compatible with any existing corporate governance models.

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Unido mobile screen showing multiple signatories

A true, multi-signature solution.

The Unido EP app allows for real m-of-n wallet sizes. This means that no matter your preferred account setup, there is a configuration available for you. There are no limits on how many people you can add to your wallets or how many of those people can sign transactions.

Unido EP are perfect for single users or for entire corporate accounts and everything between. Unido gives you more control than ever before.

Always growing.

Unido is committed to offering the best possible experience for users. That's why we're always working to add more and more digital currencies to the app. Currently, we support the biggest digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple. Unido even allows you to trade currencies for other ones!

Unido mobile screen showing multiple currencies available for selection.

Unido mobile screen showing the unique account password

Decentralised for security.

Unido EP features some of the most advanced security technologies available on the blockchain. Our patented processes ensure that user accounts are locked to a device and protected by multi-factor authentication and protection.

Unido EP accounts are completely decentralised, reducing weak points and maintaining access. A Unido account is always available, even if Unido isn't.

More oversight with Unido Enterprise

Unido is also the perfect enterprise solution for custodial services. With Unido Enterprise Platform you can manage all of your clients' digital assets and transactions. With the additional Unido Vault Access you can even protect your clients' accounts from inoperability.

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