2 August, 2021

Unido 2.0 Platform and Other Developments

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We're excited to have kicked off the development of the Unido 2.0 Web Platform to allow more rapid and efficient development for Unido mobile apps in the future along with a new transaction governance framework.


As our team at PAC Blockchain (developer of Unido EP) move towards building a more flexible and modular platform we're excited to have kicked off the development of the Unido 2.0 Web Platform. This exciting new development will move Unido away from the current architecture of iOS / Android native environments into a more scalable web structure to allow access to Unido via the browser, and will deliver a more rapid and efficient development for Unido mobile apps in the future. The team is very excited and motived to push into this new direction, setting Unido up for rapid growth and success into the future.


This new platform underpins a raft of new features set to be added to the platform - some of which will make it into the initial 2.0 launch in Q4 ’21, and others that will be added incrementally over time as user feedback and enterprise adopters provided feeback to the Unido product dev team.


One of the more advanced new features is the upgraded workflow and security model. Unido currently gives you the flexibility to select the number of wallet members and signers for any crypto asset. However, Our dev team is now in the R&D phase of robustly looking at ways that the model can be extended to incorporate custom governance pathways and different group permissions for enterprise wallets, which gives Unido yet another edge over others in the market.


Future Unido workflow models will be flexible and highly configurable according to the needs of the organisation, demonstrating Unido’s ability to meet and exceed market demands now and into the future. For example, for a specific wallet you could have one user who can set up transactions and a pool of users that need to reach consensus to pass the transaction. At the same time you could share wallet transaction / history data with relevant third parties (such as your accountant - or governance / board members). 


As the development of Unido 2.0 gains momentum our Unido Insto development team is putting the finishing touches on the Eqibank roll out - another major milestone from Unido and it’s participants. We are excited that the team is striving to time the launch with the Eqi IDO in  August – look out for the Unido – powered Eqibank apps in the app store over the next few weeks!


Watch this space for more updates from the development team coming soon.



Unido to the Moon ! 





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